Brazil Heatwave Tracking

Heatwave Tracking Brazil 2024

A large part of the Brazilian coastline is currently experiencing an extreme heatwave, which has as bleached up to 100% of the corals in some reefs. The heatwave has brought consistent temperatures above the bleaching threshold since February 2024, which is a very long time for corals. Temperature increases above the bleaching threshold for corals can result in bleaching, which will eventually kill the coral completely.

Live interactive heat stress map

The interactive map shows all the sites monitored in this region using Aqualink. The colors in the ocean display the accumulated heat stress that the ocean is experiencing in that location. The longer the water has been higher than the bleaching threshold, the more heat stress the site is experiencing. This is measured by Degree Heating Weeks (DHW). Each dashboard receives temperature data from NOAA satellites. The two sites with a hexagon shape have additional temperature data gathered by Sofar Smart Mooring buoys.  


Tamandaré has been in the center of the extreme heatwave, and the water has finally started to cool down. From February to May, the temperature has been above the bleaching threshold for corals. Around 4 months of being above the bleaching threshold proved to be mortal for many of the corals. This site is managed by PELD-TAMS

Aqui estão três levantamentos realizados no local de Tamandaré, todos feitos na mesma localização e posição. O primeiro levantamento, realizado em 22 de fevereiro, no início da onda de calor oceânica, mostra corais saudáveis. O segundo levantamento, realizado em 26 de março, no meio da onda de calor, mostra corais branqueados. O levantamento final, realizado em 25 de maio, logo após a onda de calor, mostra corais mortos.

Here are three surveys conducted at the Tamandaré site, all taken at the same location and position. The first survey, conducted on February 22nd at the beginning of the heatwave, shows healthy coral. The second survey, conducted on March 26th in the middle of the heatwave, shows bleached corals. The final survey, conducted on May 25th, right after the heatwave, shows dead corals.

The small circles in the graph indicate that a survey was conducted at that date. Explore more in the Tamandaré Aqualink dashboard below.  Surveys were conducted by Ágatha Naiara Ninow and Thales Vidal with PELD TAMS. 

Fernando de Noronha Archipelago

The island of Fernando de Noronha Archipelago is in the heart of the extreme heatwave in Brazil. Around 100% of the corals are bleached down to 27 meters. Below are a few videos that display the current condition of the reefs around the island. This site is managed by PELD ILOC. 

Ilha da Trindade

The island Ilha da Trindade is located just at the bottom border of the extreme heat wave in Brazil. Still, we can see some severe coral bleaching here. This site is managed by PELD ILOC. 

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